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My story

Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have been drawing and creating. I always loved the abstract, colors and expressing myself in my on authentic way. As a teenager I sowed my own clothes, built stuff, made small videos and of course, also always drawing. 

As many other creatives, I was advised not to go down a creative path, and chose a more secure way as a landscape architect. But in a stressfull life with many deadlines and struggeling to keep up with balancing work and life in 2023, I searched for a way to balance and calm my body and mind - in the same way as nature and meditation could. I found this in art!


Why I paint

I paint to calm my mind. Although nature and meditation calms my body and mind as well, I paint because I love to create. 


In my works I want the observer to feel nature, balance and vibrancy, as if they they had a piece of nature in their livingroom. 

In details

Emmelie Kitchell Gaub (b. 1991) lives with her husband and their two kids in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides art, she has a master degree in landscape architecture.

Today Emmelie designs gardens and teaches garden owners how to design their own gardens. Although Emmelie loves landscape architecture she missed being able to express herself more freely and creatively, and found that outlet in abstract art. 


Follow me on social @by.emmeliekitchell

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